This class is designed to challenge you both mentally and physically-- constantly varied functional movements preformed at high intensity. 

The BURN class is our most popular, and it will challenge you mentally and physically. It is specifically designed for all fitness levels; this functional class is perfect for  beginners as well as more experienced athletes  
Take one class... and you will be hooked!
HEAT  High Intensity Interval Training


The HEAT class is designed to challenge your cardio endurance, muscular endurance, and stamina while promoting weight loss and an improved physique.
Trainers use different concepts, incorporating body weight plyometric movements and light to moderate resistance training. Dumbbells, kettle bells and resistance bands are just some of the equipment you will use during HEAT!

20 intense minutes based on building ABS and CORE STRENGTH!


Turf rental

BURNfit Athletics is proud to provide a regulation Futsal field for youth and adult soccer as well as 7 regulation sized cheer mats. Ideal for:


- Practice events

- Games

- Camps

- Tournaments

- Birthday Parties


TURF and nets are perfect for softball, cheerleading, LAX, field hockey, football, track, and even golf!


* Please contact us for Turf Rental pricing and availability.